Vilowond POVI Gauze

Vilowond POVI Gauze


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    Vilowond® POVI Gauze is a knitted viscose fabric impregnated in a non-adherent PEG based ointment containing 10% PVP-Iodine, equivalent to 1% available iodine.

    Upon contact with wound exudates, the iodine is released from the PEG base, offering a broad range antimicrobial activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, including resistant strains, yeast, fungi and viruses.

    • Effective antimicrobial dressing:
    • Iodine is a well-known antimicrobial agent with proved broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against wide range of Gram +ve and Gram –ve bacteria, including resistant strains, fungi, yeast and viruses.
    • Sustained release of iodine.
    • PVP-Iodine is not resisted nor tolerated by most of microorganisms.
    • Water-soluble Non-adherent base:
    •  The water soluble base allows the Iodine to be readily released and reach bacteria in the wound
    •  The PEG based ointment is water soluble, so it can be easily removed from skin or wound surface.
    •  The dressing is also non adherent to wound bed, so it can be removed without pain, trauma or damaging newly formed epithelial tissues.
    • Designed to protect the wound, even if infected.
    • Gentle application, easy to remove.
    • Colour change indicates when dressing needs changing.
    • The viscose fabric allows passage of exudates to a secondary absorptive dressing e.g. Pharmapad, Pharmapore, Pharmapore PU, Pharma-Foam or Pharma-Foam Comfort.
    • Proven success in community and hospital use.
    • Sterilized by gamma irradiation.
    • Packed in peelable Aluminum easily opened pouches.
    • Prophylaxis and treatment of infection in:
      • Minor burns
      • Leg ulcers
      • Superficial skin-loss injuries
    • As a dressing for adjunctive therapy in the treatment of infected ulcerative wounds.
    1. Do not use PVP-Iodine-containing Wound Dressings on patient with known sensitivity to iodine or one of the other components.
    2. Before and after the use of radio-iodine.
    3. If you are being treated for kidney problems.
    4. In pregnant and breast feeding women.
    • Vilowond® POVI Gauze is for topical use only and not more than four dressings should be applied at any one time.
    • Vilowond® POVI Gauze must be used under medical supervision in case of:
    • In patients with any thyroid diseases.
    • In newborn babies and infants to the age of 6 months as Povidone Iodine may be absorbed through unbroken skin
    • To treat deep ulcerative wounds, burns or large injuries.
    Frequency of Change
    • The frequency of dressing changes depends primarily upon the condition of the wound.
    • If large quantities of exudates are produced, the dressing could be changed up to two times daily; but if the wound is relatively dry, the interval between changes may extend.
    • Fading of dressing colour indicates loss of antiseptic efficacy.


    • The use of Vilowond® POVI Gauze dressing may be continued for as long as signs of infection or particular threat of infection of the wound area are present. If infection recurs the use of Vilowond® POVI Gauze dressing can be resumed and continued at any time.
  • How To Use

    Application to a finger

    • Make four incisions. In some cases two incisions in the middle of the dressing might be sufficient.
    • Remove the two backing papers and place the dressing on the digit.
    • Wrap the dressing around the digit starting with the bottom flaps, then fold the dressing over the tip, smooth the middle flaps along the sides and wrap the last flaps.
    • Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing.

    Application into a cavity

    • Cut the dressing into a spiral.
    • Remove the two backing papers and fill the cavity as shown. Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing.
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    Clinical Study – Pharmacoll Ag – Pharmagel Ag – Pharmajelly Net Ag and Vilowond POVI