Pharma-Algi Ag

Pharma-Algi Ag


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    Pharma-Algi Ag made of absorbent nonwoven containing silver, non adherent wound contact layer, calcium and sodium alginate powder blend, sandwiched between the nonwoven layer and the non adherent layer.


    High Absorption Capacity:

    Pharma-Algi Ag can manage highly exuding wounds due to high absorption capacity of nonwoven fibers and sodium alginate powder.

    Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Effect:

    Pharma-Algi Ag has antimicrobial effect against wide range of gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria and MRSA. Upon contact with blood or exudates, silver ions are activated to kill bacteria but it remains entrapped in the formed gel matrix, unable to leach out to reach the wound bed. This creates clean wound environment and prevent colonization of bacteria in wounds at high risk of infection.

    Haemostatic Effect:

    Pharma-Algi Ag can stop bleeding due to haemostatic effect of calcium alginate powder, where calcium ions exchange with sodium ions in blood to further contribute to the gelling and absorption process. But more importantly calcium ions are donated to the wound which is vital for the clotting process to be successful and for bleeding to stop.

    Optimum Healing Environment:

    Upon contact with wound exudates, sodium alginate rapidly gels which overlays the wound and provides a micro-environment that promotes healing and the formation of granulation tissue.

    How does it work?

    Diagram showing:

    1. Killing bacteria by activated silver.
    2. Calcium-sodium ion exchange to form soft gel and to stop bleeding.


    • High absorption capacity up to 10 times the original weight o f the dressing.
    • Haemostatic effect to stop bleeding
    • Antimicrobial effect against wide range of gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria and MRSA
    • Form soft and gentle gel which creates moist environment in favour of wound healing.
    • Easily removal of the dressing without induction of pain or trauma
    • Highly conformable dressing that can cover different wound bases
    • Interval between dressing changes depends on degree of exudation and bacterial colonization on the wound. However, it could be said that the dressing can be used up to 5-7 days.
    • Bleeding wounds
    • Heavily exuding, superficial, deep and cavity, critically colonized or infected wounds in the exudation and granulation phase, e.g. pressure ulcers, ulcers of various origins (e.g. venous, arterial), diabetic foot ulcers, skin donor and skin grafting sites, post-operative wounds, partial thickness burns.
    • Dry wound or low exudation wounds
    • Third degree burns
    • Experience with silver is limited with neonates, infants and during pregnancy.
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