Cavidagel® Emergency Burn Gel

Cavidagel® Emergency Burn Gel



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    Cavidagel® Emergency Burn Gel is a paraben-free clear hydrogel with alginate. It provides moist wound environment which accelerates healing.

    Intended Purpose
    • Superficial burns.
    • Surgical wounds.
    • Minor wounds such as scrapes and abrasions
    • Mild ulcers, under medical supervision.
    • In case of large, very deep and/or strongly infected wounds, the product could be used together with other dressings/ medications, only under medical supervision.
    • Not suitable for use on eyes, eyelids and mucous membranes.
    • Don’t use in case of sensitivity to any of the gel ingredients.
    • For external use only.
    • Don’t use in case of broken packaging, or after the expiration date.
    • Don’t apply on a chemical that reacts with water.

    Cavidagel® Emergency Burn gel is not the first measure for burns! Cool the wound immediately for twenty minutes under warm, running water. This action should immediately take place, because its beneficial effect decreases and disappears after 30 minutes.

    It’s advised not to use cold water, especially when the burn covers a large surface area, to avoid risk of hypothermia.
    When the severity of the burn is properly assessed, you can apply the wound gel.

  • Instructions for use

    • Closed wounds:
      • Clean and disinfect the wound/burn.
      • Apply the wound gel without touching it with the pump bottle / tube.
      • Apply dressing or bandage if necessary.

      Open wounds:

      • Clean and disinfect the wound.
      • Gently dry.
      • Apply a thick layer (0.5-0.75 cm) to the wound.
      • Apply a secondary dressing.
      • Replace the dressing daily and apply a new layer.


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