Cavidagel Ag

Cavidagel Ag


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    Brief description

    Antimicrobial sterile hydrogel wound filler with alginate.


    Cavidagel® Ag is a sterile amorphous hydrogel with antimicrobial silver and alginate, creating a unique match of hydrating and absorbing properties and providing the optimum environment for wound healing.

    Cavidagel® Ag rehydrates necrotic tissues when needed and absorbs debris and exudate when needed, which facilitates autolytic debridement and moist wound healing. It contains silver which has antimicrobial activity against wide range of microorganisms.

    Intended Use

    Cavidagel® Ag is used to manage, protect against, and minimize the risk of wound infection. It’s primarily indicated for dry and moist necrotic wounds, as well as wounds with a mix of necrotic and granulated tissue. It can also be used to promote moist wound healing in all types of wounds including wounds with high risk of infection, first and second degree burns.

    Cavidagel® Ag is intended for the treatment of leg ulcers, pressure sores and sloughy wounds. Due to the unique match of hydrating and absorbing properties the gel can be used in wounds with low to high exudation.

    • Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity: due to the dispersion of silver particles inside the gel matrix, it prevents colonization of bacteria at the wound site.
    • Debriding action: Cavidagel® Ag rehydrates necrotic tissue and aids debridement.
    • Desloughing action: Cavidagel® Ag absorbs slough and exudate without damaging fragile granulation tissue.
    • Creates moist wound healing environment: Cavidagel® Ag helps to create an optimal moist wound management environment which promotes healing, reduces the likelihood of scarring and helps soothe pain.
    • Stable and counteract leakage and maceration: The viscous texture of the gel makes it stay in place, and even after absorption of debris and exudate the gel will remain cohesive and counteract leakage and maceration.
    • Easy to remove: The gel is easy to remove due to high cohesion even after absorption of debris and exudate.
    • May be used on patients with local and systemic infections under the discretion of a healthcare professional.
    • In case of allergic reactions, please discontinue use directly and consult your doctor.
    • Sterile single use medical device. Reuse imposes risk of infection.
    • Don’t use for Individuals with a known sensitivity to silver, alginate or any of the gel components.
    • Experience is limited with newly born, infants and during pregnancy.
    • If packaging is broken do not use or re-sterilize product.

  • Instructions for use

    • Rinse the wound with physiological saline or tap water.
    • To optimise the use of Cavidagel® Ag, apply according to the diagrams shown below.
    • Gently dry the skin around the wound.
    • The wound should not be filled to a higher level than the surrounding skin.
    • Cover with a secondary dressing. For low to medium exuding wounds, choose a hydrocolloid as a secondary dressing e.g. Pharmacoll® Comfort or Pharmacoll® Comfort Plus. For medium to highly exuding wounds, choose a highly absorbent and highly permeable dressing to cover e.g. Espuma® Comfort or Espuma® Comfort Plus. For slightly or non-exuding wounds, Cavdiagel® Ag could be covered with film dressing e.g. Protecfilm®.
    • To optimise cleansing of necrotic and sloughy wounds, it is recommended to change Cavidagel® Ag at least every 3rd day, due to the larger amount of exudate. In case of clean wounds, Cavidagel® Ag should be changed depending on the amount of exudate.
    • The gel can be removed from the wound by rinsing with physiological saline or tap water.

  • Sizes & Codes

    Product Code Size Pleces / Case
    Cavidagel Ag Tube CAVAGT15 15 gm 48
    Cavidagel Ag Tube CAVAGT20 20 gm 48
    Cavidagel Ag Tube CAVAGT25 25 gm 48
    Cavidagel Ag Tube CAVAGT30 30 gm 48
    Cavidagel Ag Tube CAVAGT50 50 gm 24
    Cavidagel Ag Tube CAVAGT75 75 gm 24
    Cavidagel Ag Sachet CAVAGS6 6 gm 1000

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