Kemagel Ag

Kemagel Ag


  • Description

    Kemagel® Ag is silver containing amorphous hydrogel with a unique match of hydrating and absorbing properties, providing the optimum environment for wound healing.

    Kemagel® Ag gently rehydrates necrotic tissue facilitating autolytic debridement and moist wound healing, Kemagel® Ag will rehydrate when needed and absorb debris and exudate when needed. It contains silver which has antimicrobial activity against wide range of microorganisms.


      • Release of antimicrobial silver: Kemagel® Ag contains a Metallic silver which have a structure composed of silver particles supported throughout a matrix of amorphous silicon dioxide. These silver particles are found on the surface of silica and also embedded throughout the silica structure. The metallic silver particles act as a reservoir for control the release of silver ions (Ag+) that are the active agent against bacteria. The presence of both surface and embedded silver particles gives the material a combination of immediate antimicrobial activity combined with long-term durability.
      • Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity: due to the dispersion of silver particles inside the gel matrix, it prevents colonization of bacteria at the wound site. Kemagel® Ag functions as a long-lasting, antimicrobial barrier by inhibiting the growth of wide spectrum of microorganisms including Gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichiacoli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Gram-positive bacteria suchas Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA and VRE; and fungi such as Aspergillus niger and Penicillium nigricans. So it help to manage the wound site bioburden and provide continues antimicrobial activity.
      • Having double action, where it can be used over dry and wet wounds:
        • Hydrogel Effect in case of dry wound:

      Where Kemagel® Ag rehydrates the dry wound and promotes the dissolution of necrotic tissue, facilitating fast and effective debridement.

      • Hydrocolloid effect in case of wet wound:

      Where Kemagel® Ag absorbs dissolved necrosis, slough and excessive exudates from the wound.

      The good absorption properties reduce the risk of leakage and maceration.

      • Debriding action: Kemagel® Ag rehydrates necrotic tissue and aids debridement.
      • Desloughing action: Kemagel® Ag absorbs slough and exudate without damaging fragile granulation tissue.
      • Creates moist wound healing environment: Kemagel® Ag helps to create an optimal moist wound management environment which promotes healing, reduces the likelihood of scarring and helps soothe pain.
      • Stable and counteract leakage and maceration: The viscous texture of the gel makes it stay in place, and even after absorption of debris and exudate the gel will remain cohesive and counteract leakage and maceration.
      • Easy to remove: The gel is easy to remove due to high cohesion even after absorption of debris and exudate.

    Spoiler title

    • Kemagel® Ag is used to create a moist wound environment for the treatment of minor conditions such as minor burns, superficial lacerations, cuts and abrasions (partial thickness wounds) and skin tears.
    • Kemagel® Ag creates moist wound environment which assists in autolytic debridement of wounds covered with necrotic tissues.
    • Under the direction of a healthcare professional, Kemagel® Ag is used to create a moist wound environment for the management of:

    -Venous ulcers (leg ulcers)

    -Surgical incisions

    -Diabetic foot ulcers

    -Pressure ulcers (including stage IV)


    • Full thickness burns.

    Precautions and Warnings

    1. May be used on patients with local and systemic infections under the discretion of a healthcare professional.
    2. In case of allergic reactions, please discontinue use directly and consult your doctor.
    3. Sterile single use medical device. Reuse imposes risk of infection.
    4. Don’t use for Individuals with a known sensitivity to silver or any of the gel components.
    5. Experience is limited with newly born, infants and during pregnancy.
    6. If packaging is broken do not use or re-sterilize product.
    7. For external use only.
    8. Do not use Kemagel® Ag on extensive weeping wound unless recommended by your doctor.
    9. Kemagel® Ag should be used with care in the vicinity of the eyes and in deep wounds with narrow openings (e.g. fistulas) where removal of the gel may be difficult.

  • How To Use

    • Wash hands before and after treating the wound.
    • Irrigate wound with sterile saline solution to clean wound site.
    • Gently dry the skin around the wound.
    • The wound should not be filled to a higher level than the surrounding skin.
    • Keep the nozzle tip clear of the wound surface; gently press the tube to dispense gel into the wound.
    • Discard any unused gel.
    • Cover with a secondary dressing:
      • For low to medium exuding wounds: Choose a hydrocolloid as a secondary dressing, e.g. Pharmacoll® Comfort or Pharmacoll® Comfort Plus.
      • For medium to highly exuding wounds: Choose a highly absorbent and highly permeable dressing to cover, e.g. ESPUMA® Comfort or ESPUMA® Comfort Plus.
      • For slightly or non-exuding wounds: a film dressing could be used, e.g. Protectfilm®.
    • The gel can be removed from the wound by rinsing with physiological saline or tap water.


    • For minor wounds (e.g. grazes, cuts) and superficial burns:
      • Carefully apply the gel to the wound (without rubbing) once or twice per day.
      • If necessary, cover the wound with a sterile plaster or dressing and change daily.
      • The gel can be removed simply and painlessly with wet gauze.

  • Sizes & Codes

    Product Code Size Pleces / Case
    Kemagel Ag amorphous Sachet Gel Ag S 6 6 gm 1000
    Kemagel Ag amorphous Tube Gel Ag T15 15 gm 48
    Kemagel Ag amorphous Tube Gel Ag T20 20 gm 48
    Kemagel Ag amorphous Tube Gel Ag T25 25 gm 48
    Kemagel Ag amorphous Tube Gel Ag T30 30 gm 48
    Kemagel Ag amorphous Tube Gel Ag T50 50 gm 24
    Kemagel Ag amorphous Tube Gel Ag T75 75 gm 24