Vilowond - Vilowond Plus

Vilowond - Vilowond Plus


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    Vilowond® pad is a multi-layered exudates management dressing pad. It is soft, comfortable, cost effective and can be used under compression bandages.

    It is covered in a soft non-woven layer. The inner surface of the cover has a high capillary activity, providing wicking of wound exudates into the central absorbent core of fluff pulp.

    Vilowond® Plus: contains an additional Superabsorbent layer to increase the retention capacity of the dressing


    • Excellent absorption, retention capabilities
    • Atraumatic and painless dressing removal
    • Reduced intervals of dressing changes.
    • Good protective and ventilating wound cushion.
    • The fluid-repellent backing prevents external contamination of the wound and protects clothes and bed linen from exudates strike-through



    Vilowond® pad product line is indicated for absorbing the wound exudates from the highly exuding wounds.


    • Dry wounds or wounds covered with hard necrotic tissue
    • The dressing should not be used on patients with a known sensitivity to this dressing or one of its components.


    Frequency of change

    It depends on the state of the wound. In case of sloughy or heavily exuding wounds, the dressing should be changed daily. For lower exuding wounds, the dressing could be left in place for longer time.



    Wounds that show signs of clinical infection may be dressed with Vilowond® but the dressing should be changed daily and the use of systemic antibiotic therapy considered.

    How supplied
    • Individually packed in heat seal package, sterile by EO gas
    • Single use dressing (Reuse may cause infection).

    Layer Diagram


  • How To Use

    ► Open the pouch

    ► Remove the product out of the pouch using aseptic technique

    ► Place the Vilowond® pad in contact with the wound where, the white layer should be the layer in contact with the wound and the Blue hydrophobic layer faced outwards.

    ► Secure the dressing to skin by using Pharmaplast elastic gauze or any fixation tape.

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