Vilowond Nonwoven

Vilowond Nonwoven


  • Description

    Vilowond® Nonwoven is a soft non-woven compress with gauze-like structure. The compress is made of 70% viscose and 30% polyester. It has superior absorption capacity, softness and low fiber release

    Vilowond® Nonwoven is available in a wide variety of plies, sizes, sterile and non-sterile versions.


    • Made from a fine-pored nonwoven material with low fiber release.
    • Absorbent.
    • Permeable to air.
    • Soft and skin-friendly, particularly suitable for sensitive areas.
    • Ready-to-use.
    • Can be sterilized.


    • Wound dressing for lightly to moderately exuding wounds.
    • Gentle wound cleansing and protection.
    • Skin cleansing prior to surgical operation.
    • Carrier material for ointments.
    • Padding between fingers and toes.
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