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    Soft silicone primary wound dressing


    Silotull®is a porous, atraumatic wound contact layer, consisting of a flexible polyester mesh coated with soft tack silicone gel. The silicone coating is slightly tacky, which facilitates the application and retention of the dressing to the skin surrounding the wound. This gentle adhesion also tends to prevent maceration by inhibiting the lateral movement of exudate from the wound on to the surrounding skin.

    Soft Silicone ensures removal of the dressing without pain or trauma to the delicate new tissues.

    Silotull®is not absorbent, but contains apertures or pores that allow the passage of exudate into secondary absorbent dressing.

    • Transparent for easy wound inspection during application and during wear.
    • Non-adherent to moist wound bed while adherent to dry healthy skin.
    • Atraumatic and painless removal: can be removed without pain or damage to the delicate new tissues
    • Porous: allows exudates to pass to a secondary wound dressing, so minimizes skin maceration.

    Silotull® is used for management of wounds where adherence to the underlying tissues should be avoided. Typical applications include skin tears or abrasions, surgical excisions, second-degree burns, blistering conditions, lacerations, partial and full thickness grafts, and skin damage following radiotherapy or steroid therapy.




    Frequency of change

    Silotull®can be used up to 7 days even if the absorbent secondary dressing is changed more frequently.


    As with all types of dressings, wounds should be regularly monitored for signs of infection or deterioration.

    When used on bleeding wounds, or wounds producing high viscosity exudate, Silotull®should be covered with a moist absorbent dressing pad.

    How supplied

    Silotull® is supplied individually wrapped in heat sealable pouches, sterilized by ethylene oxide.

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  • How To Use

    1. Clean the wound and dry the surrounding skin thoroughly
    2. Remove the release liners from both sides of the dressing
    3. A dressing should be selected that overlaps the wound margin by at least two centimeters and, if necessary, this may be cut to size or shape before removal of the protective films. If more than one piece of Silotull®is required, the dressings may be partially overlapped, ensuring that the pores are not blocked.
    4. Smooth into place and ensure good sealing with the surround wound.
    5. Cover with absorbent secondary dressing according to the intense of exudates e.g. Espuma® and Espuma® Comfort in case of heavy exudates or Pharmapore® in case of light exudates.
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