Pharmacoll Ag Blister Plaster

Pharmacoll Ag Blister Plaster


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    “New Skin Protect, Cushion and Keep Clean”


    Pharmacoll® Ag Blister plaster is made of thin hydrocolloid adhesive containing Silver Zeolite, laminated with waterproof, virus proof, bacteria proof and semi-permeable polyurethane film.

    Upon application on a blister, Pharmacoll® Ag acts as a new skin, with cushioning and antifriction effect, which helps pain relief. It also absorbs secretions in case the blister is open, turning to gel which creates an optimal moist wound healing environment that allows the wound to heal faster, Moreover, the bacteria from the wound are absorbed into the gel matrix where silver ions in Zeomic are activated to kill bacteria.

    For Corns, Pharmacoll cushions and relieves pressure on the affected area.

    • Available with different shapes and sizes for toes, heel and under feet.
    • The silver ions protect blister form wide range of microbial infections.
    • The silver ions can provide continuous antimicrobial protection, yet they are non-staining to skin.
    • Help blisters and corns heal faster by providing the following:
      • Cushioning and antifriction effect for intact blisters
      • Absorption of blister fluid in case the blister is open
      • Moist wound healing environment
      • Softening effect for easy removal of corns
    • Protect form infection and dirts. Thanks to the bacterial and viral barrier outer polyurethane film.
    • Reliable adhesion for several days.
    Mechanism of action of silver
    1. Damage to bacterial cell membrane, could lead to the leakage of cytoplasm from the cell, which would result in dehydrated and shrunken cells.
    2. Silver atoms bind to thiol groups (-SH) in enzymes, and subsequently cause the deactivation of enzymes.
    3. Silver associates with DNA once they enter the cell, thus preventing bacterial cell replication.
    How often Pharmacoll® Ag Blister and Corn plaster should be changed?

    In order not to disturb the healing process and as long as no signs of infection occur, the plaster should be left in place for several days and should only be changed when it peels off by itself.


    Blisters and Corns.

    • Do not use in case of infected wounds.
    • Discontinue use in case of infection.
    • Experience of using silver wound dressing is limited in case of neonates and babies.
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