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    Fast setting plaster of Paris based mass, spread on a 100% bleached cotton gauze. The bandage is wound on a plastic core.

    Features and Benefits
    • Pharma-POP® needs very short immersion time (3-4 seconds).
    • Plaster loss: 0.1-0.4 g/LM while dry, 1-4% while wet
    • Breaking load (8 layers after 30 minutes): 90-140 N
    • Exotherm: 40 degree Celsius (after 15 minutes)
    • Setting time: 180-240 seconds

    Immobilization of all types of fractures where rigid, external immobilization is required and judged suitable by a qualified professional.

    Duration of use

    Few days to a long period depending on indication.

    • Exotherm: Plaster of Paris generates heat during setting reaction which can be felt by the patient. The patient should be instructed to report any pain, numbness, irritation or “burning sensation”. If the patient reports any of the above, remove the cast immediately. Inspect the cast to determine the cause of the above symptoms before recasting. Burn injury may result from improper cast application or failure to observe precautions during and after setting reaction.
    Factors that may lead to excessive exotherm


    • Dip water above 25°C
    • Overly thick cast
    • Under-saturation of the plaster
    • Not changing dip water frequently
    • High room or dry bandage temperature
    • Inadequate air circulation:
    • Use of elastic bandage or blanket
    • resting the cast on a pillow or mattress
    • Caution must be used to ensure that the cast is not applied too tightly. Constrictions may result in impaired vascular flow and nerve function.
    • Do not allow the patient to bear weight on a fresh cast; most casts require 48 hours to be weight bearing .Factors affecting the amount of time for the cast to be weight bearing are: humidity, weight of patient, thickness of cast, type of cast and physician instructions.
    • Do not allow the patient to get the cast wet or allow foreign objects enter into the cast.
    • Immersion time should not exceed 3-4 seconds, because longer immersion time makes the plaster sticky and prolongs setting time.


  • How To Use

    1. Apply cast padding e.g. Pharma-Undercast® over the entire area to be immobilized. Do not apply plaster bandage directly to the skin.
    2. Hold bandage loosely at a slight angle and submerge vertically into clean room temperature water (22°C-25°C) for 3 – 4 seconds
    3. Squeeze bandage to remove excess water. Note: Change the water between each application of bandages as this will interfere with The correct wetting-out
    4. Apply the bandage to the pre-padded extremity by using a spiral motion, overlapping each turn 1/3 to 1/2 the width of the bandage,while gently rubbing each layer into the previous layer to form a solid, well laminated cast.
    5. Mold and position as indicated by the physician.
    6. Use a standard oscillating cast saw with a sharp blade for removal.

    Duration of use:

    Few days to a long period depending on indication.

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