• Description

    Pharma-KT is thin, lengthways elastic, lightweight, color coded, and comfortable to wear adhesive fabric tapes, providing external support that helps muscles, ligaments, and tendons to remain active while recovering from injuries.


    • High quality extensible fabric made of cotton and lycra.
    • Pattern coated adhesive allowing the skin to breathe.
    • Thin fabric conformable to body contours.
    • Water repellant fabric.
    • Latex free adhesive.


    • Provides firm but controlled support for muscles, tendons and ligaments.
    • Porous adhesive allows sweat to evaporate reducing skin maceration.
    • Soft edges prevent the bandage from wrinkling or marking the skin.
    • It provides uni-directional elasticity, allowing the tape to stretch in length but preventing the tape from stretching in width, providing stable support without restricting motion.
    • Pharma-KT can be worn for up to five days during intense exercise, swimming, showering and bathing as the tape is quick drying.

    How Does it work?

    1- Lifts the upper layers of skin:

    Pharma-KT lifts the upper layers of skin creating more space between the skin and underlying muscles. This space is believed to reduce pressure on the lymph channels and create more space for circulation, flow and improve lymph drainage through the taped area This can help decrease swelling and pain in injured areas. It also helps improve blood flow circulation, which assists with repair of damaged tissues and accelerates the breakdown and removal of waste product when muscles are tired.

    2- Decreases pain:

    Pharma-KT relieves physical and neurological pain, the tape’s lifting action helps to relieve pressure on the pain receptors located under the skin.

    3- Provides muscle /joint support:

    Pharma-KT unique elastic properties ensure that muscles and joints are closely supported during all activities and discourage harmful movements whilst still allowing a safe and healthy range of motion. Different applications of pharma-KT can also be used to improve joint alignment and can improve the function of a joint by influencing opposing muscle groups and joint mobility.


    • Pharma-KT can be used for hundreds of common injuries like:

    1- Muscular facilitation. 2- Lower back pain/strain.

    3- Groin injury. 4- Hamstring.

    5- Knee pain. 6- Rotator cuff injury.

    7- Whiplash. 8- Tennis elbow.

    9- Patella tracking. 10- Pre and post-surgical edema.

    11- Ankle sprains. 12- Achilles tendon.

    13- Shin splints. 14- Carpal tunnel syndrome.

    • Pharma-KT can also be used as an athletic preventative injury method and as a support method.

    Precautions when applying

    1. Make sure the skin is clean and dry, free from lotions/oils.
    2. If applying tape on a joint, be sure the joint is in a fully bent position. If the tape is applied over a knee or elbow in an extended position, the tape will pull off when the joint moves.
    3. Never stretch the first or the last of the tape on either end. The tape on the ends should be applied directly to the skin without stretching; otherwise it will pull up and will not stick.
    4. Be sure to set the adhesive by firmly rubbing the tape and make sure all the edges are down. For best results apply the tape 30 minutes before athletic activity.