Pharma-Jelly Net

Pharma-Jelly Net


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    Pharma-Jelly Net is non adherent wound dressing, made of polyester mesh impregnated in soft, non adherent matrix, containing superabsorbent powder, soft paraffin and, cohesion polymers.


    i.  Painless and atraumatic removal:

    Superabsorbent particles absorb exudates and turn to gel. This allows easy removal without pain or trauma.

    Soft paraffin also shows non adherent effect which synergizes with Superabsorbent particles action.

    ii.  Optimum healing environment:

    Superabsorbent particles gel upon absorption of wound exudates. This provides dry but moist environment which enhances wound healing.

    • Flexible and Conformable, so it can be applied on difficult to access wound sites.
    • Sterile by gamma irradiation.
    • Sealed in peelable PET/Alu pouches.
    • Five years shelf life.

    Pharma-Jelly Net is used as primary wound dressing for its non adherent effect and to provide moist environment for better wound healing. It’s suitable for:

    1.  Low to moderate exuding acute wounds:

    • Minor burns.
    • Skin abrasions.
    • Traumatic wounds.
    • Skin grafts and donor sites.

    2.  Low to moderate exuding chronic wounds:

    • Leg and pressure ulcers.
    • Venous ulcers.
    • Decubitus ulcers.

    Pharma-Jelly Net should be covered with secondary absorbent dressing e.g. Pharma-Foam or Pharmapad.

    1. In the case of deep wounds, Pharma-Jelly Net does not have to be applied in several layers.
    2. Don’t use in case of sensitivity to any of the product ingredients.
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