Pharma-Foam Comfort Silver

Pharma-Foam Comfort Silver


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    Pharma-Foam® Comfort Silver is a trilaminate construction made of soft, thick and elastic polyurethane foam sandwiched between an outer most breathable polyurethane film and wound contacting polyethylene net containing silver. The silver net acts as antimicrobial barrier which prevents colonization on the dressing, thus it increases wear time and provides a prophylactic effect against infection especially in case of wounds at high risk of infection.

    This trilaminate structure is placed as an island pad on a breathable Polyurethane adhesive border to allow fixation without secondary fixation dressing or fixation tape.

    Features and Benefits
    • Polyurethane foam provides a cushioning effect and high absorption capacity up to 14 g/g, this provides dry but moist environment which is in favour of all wound healing stages specially the granulation and the epithelialisation phase, so it accelerates wound healing.
    • The polyurethane film outermost layer is highly breathable, up to 5000 g/m2/24hr MVTR, this allows evaporation of wound exudates absorbed by foam, thus the total fluid uptake and fluid handling capacity of the dressing in total is increased. It is also bacteria proof, virus proof and waterproof.
    • The silver net prevents colonization of bacteria over the dressing, so it increases the wear time and decreases frequency of changing the dressing, it provides both hygienic and economic benefits.

    Pharma-Foam® Comfort Silver can be used for the following types of wounds and ulcers with moderate to heavy drainage/exudation rate:

    • Pressure ulcers stage II and superficial stage III.
    • Partial and full thickness diabetic foot ulcers.
    • Venous insufficiency leg ulcers.
    • Partial and full thickness arterial ulcers.
    • Partial thickness burns and abrasions.
    • Open surgical wounds.
    • Skin tears.

    Pharma-Foam® Comfort Silver offer extra prophylactic effect against infection in case of wounds at high risk of infection.

    • Pharma-Foam® Comfort Silver should not be applied onto dry wounds or necrotic tissues.
    • Pharma-Foam® Comfort Silver should not be used in wounds that extended to reach bones or muscles.
    • Due to the presence of antimicrobial silver ions, experience is limited with newly born, infants and during pregnancy.
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