Pharma-Foam Comfort Lipo PC

Pharma-Foam Comfort Lipo PC


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    Pharma-Foam Comfort Lipo PC is an absorbent, atraumatic dressing made from polyurethane foam. The outer surface of the foam is bonded to a vapour-permeable polyurethane nonwoven, which acts as a barrier to liquid and microorganisms, while the wound contact surface of is coated with a layer of soft Lipo-colloid matrix with grid pattern.

    The whole composite is placed as an island pad on polyurethane outer surface extending beyond the margin of the dressing to act as adhesive border that can hold the dressing in place without fixation.

    The Lipo-colloid wound contact layer prevents adherence of the dressing to the wound bed or interference of the newly granulating tissues into foam cells. This results in easy removal without pain or trauma. Moreover, hydrocolloid particles in Lipo-Colloid absorb exudates and gels, creating moist environment in favour of wound healing.

    • Non adherent Lipo-Colloid wound contact layer.
    • Lipo-Colloid is coated with grid pattern to allow foam to access exudates.
    • Hydrocolloid particles gel upon absorption, creating moist environment in favour of wound healing.
    • Highly absorbent foam manages moderate to heavy exudates.
    • Waterproof polyurethane nonwoven outer layer.
    • Polyurethane  is bacterial and viral barrier.
    • Easy to apply due to slight tackiness of Lipo-Colloid.
    • Can be used under compression bandages.
    • Highly conformable.
    • Moderately to heavily exuding wounds.
    • Leg and foot ulcers.
    • Pressure ulcers.
    • Under compression bandages.
    • Graft and donor sites.
    • Traumatic wounds (e.g., skin tears and secondary healing wounds).

    Sensitization to any of the product components.


    The presence of clinical infection does not preclude the use of Pharma-Foam Comfort Lipo PC, provided that appropriate antimicrobial therapy is also provided.

    How supplied

    Individually wrapped in aluminum pouches, sterilized by gamma irradiation.

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