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    Neoplast® is a water-repellent textile fabric (white/skin color), easy to tear off; coated on
    one side with pressure-sensitive adhesive permeable to air and water vapor, adheres reliably,
    and can be removed easily and leaves no residues on the skin.

    Waterproof Neoplast® is a laminate of polyethylene water-proof outermost layer with textile
    fabric, coated on one side with pressure-sensitive adhesive, easy to tear off by hand.

    • Strong Surgical Flesh or white Coloured Porous adhesive tape for normal skin.
    • Coated with zinc oxide adhesive with high initial and permanent adhesion, where it adheres strongly even under heavy strain.
    • High tensile strength.
    • Zig Zag edges tapes which is easy to tear by hands.
    • Special processing conditions to gaurantee moisture and air permeable product, to avoid any possibility of maceration due to accumulation of exudates and moisture under the product.

    Neoplast®and Neoplast®Waterproof:
    • Provides preventive support for ligaments during sports.
    • Water repellent.
    • Neoplast®Waterproof provides strong adhesion/fixation of dressings and appliances where they are likely to be in
    contact with dirt or water.

    Storage conditions
    • Keep away from light and heat.
    • Store below 25°C.
    • Avoid any thermal shock.
    Shelf life

    5 years.

  • How To Use

    • To be applied to clean and dry skin.
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