Kemagel Conductive

Kemagel Conductive



  • Description

    Water based hydrogel, non-irritating that can be used for all types of ultrasound scans.


    1. Water-soluble, non-greasy so it can be wiped off easily.
    2. Its unique cohesive properties allowing it to spread over the skin evenly and easily.
    3. Safe and hypoallergenic.
    4. It’s fragrance free.


    For external use only; on intact skin where ultrasound scan is needed.


    1. Should not use in invasive procedures.
    2. In any procedure on or near broken skin.
    3. Mucous membranes.
    4. Neonates or critically ill pediatric patient.

    Storage Conditions

    1. Store in cool dry place
    2. Store away from direct sunlight

  • How To Use

  • Sizes & Codes

    Product Code Size Pleces / Case
    Kemagel Conductive GelCon6 6 gm 1000 Sachet/case
    Kemagel Conductive GelCon250 250 gm 24 bottles/case
    Kemagel Conductive GelCon4000 4 kg 4 bottles/case
    Kemagel Conductive GelCon5000 5 kg 4 bottles/case
    Kemagel Conductive GelCon10000 10 kg 1 cubitainer/case
    Kemagel Conductive GelCon15000 15 kg 1 cubitainer/case
    Kemagel Conductive GelCon20000 20 kg 1 cubitainer/case