FFP2 Respirator: Folded Cup Style

FFP2 Respirator: Folded Cup Style


  • Product Info


    Pharmaplast Filtering Half Masks are disposable lightweight face masks offering reliable respiratory protection against airborne particles and limit the transmission of infective agents.

    1. Meet the requirements of EU standard EN 149:2001 + A1: 2009.
    2. Protect against solids, water-based aerosols and oil-based aerosols, reducing small particles inhaled and expelled by wearer.
    3. Designed to fit tightly and create a seal between the face and the mask, forcing the air to go through the filter.
    4. Skin friendly, odorless, fiber-glass free and latex-free.
    5. Available with exhalation valve to reduce heat build-up inside the mask and breathing resistance during exhalation. However valved filtering half mask cannot be used if a sterile field needs to be maintained.
    6. Available with either ear loops or headbands.
    7. Single-shift use and non-sterile.
    Intended purpose
    • Any occupational setting where a filtering half mask is appropriate.
    • Valveless filtering half mask is designed to protect against the transfer of microorganisms and particles
    • Help reduce wearer exposure to certain airborne particles, including those generated by electrocautery, laser surgery, and other powered medical instruments.
    Product range

    Folded cup style Filtering half mask:

    • The vertical flat-fold design offers low profile for better visibility and allows for convenient storage prior to use.


    Test Standard FFP1 FFP2 FFP3
    Minimum filtration efficiency*

    EN 149

    EN 13274-7

    > 80% > 94% > 99%
    Max. permitted filter penetration* 20% 6% 1%
    Max. permitted total inward leakage EN 149 22% 8% 2%
    Inhalation (30 l/min) EN 149 < 0.6 mbar < 0.7 mbar < 1 mbar
    Inhalation (95 l/min) EN 149 < 2.1 mbar < 2.4 mbar < 3 mbar
    Exhalation (160 l/min) EN 149 < 3 mbar < 3 mbar < 3 mbar




  • Table of size

    Type Code Pieces/ box Boxes/ case Case Size Case Weight
    Folded Cup style filtering half mask
    FFP2 (94) ear loop FC-F2E 50 10 60x35x29 cm 5.2 Kg
    FFP2 (94) ear loop and valve FC-F2EV 25 10 60x35x29 cm 4 Kg
    FFP2 (94) head band FC-F2H 50 10 60x35x29 cm 5.2 Kg
    FFP2 (94) head band and valve FC-F2HV 25 10 60x35x29 cm 4 Kg
    FFP3 (99) ear loop FC-F3E 50 10 60x35x29 cm 5.2 Kg
    FFP3 (99) ear loop and valve FC-F3EV 25 10 60x35x29 cm 4 Kg
    FFP3 (99) head band FC-F3H 50 10 60x35x29 cm 5.2 Kg
    FFP3 (99) head band and valve FC-F3HV 25 10 60x35x29 cm 4 Kg
  • Certificates and DoC

    DOC folded cup FFP2 V05

    pharmaplast-8187 FC-F2HV

    pharmaplast-15520 FC-F2E

    pharmaplast-33791 FC-F2H

    pharmaplast-79203 FC-F2EV

    FC- F2H C2 module certificate

    FC- F2HV C2 module certificate

    FC-F2E C2 module certificate

    FC-F2EV C2 module certificate