ESPUMA Sealed Edges

ESPUMA Sealed Edges


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    The answer to skin maceration


    ESPUMA® Sealed Edges Heel is a cup shaped trilaminate construction made of soft, thick and elastic polyurethane foam, sandwiched between an outer most breathable polyurethane film and wound contacting TPU film. The edges of the outermost and the innermost polyurethane film are sealed together with a unique technique to prevent leakage when foam is saturated with exudates and upon compression, and the trilaminate is die cut into a cup shaped dressing that can fit the heel and elbow areas.

    Features and Benefits
    • The three layers of the dressing work together to ensure presence of moist environment at the wound site, high absorption capacity and longer wear time without maceration.
    • The sealed edges of the dressing allow longer wear time without risk of maceration of the skin surrounding the wound because exudates cannot leak laterally even when foam is saturated with exudates or compressed under a compression therapy.
    • Reduces frequency of dressing change
    • The wound contacting perforated film prevents adherence of foam to the wound, allowing removal without pain or trauma. It also regulates fluid uptake of foam.
    • The cup shaped dressing well fits the elbow and heel areas which are hardly managed by traditional shapes of dressing.
    • The outermost polyurethane film is highly breathable to allow absorbed exudates to evaporate, this increases the fluid handling capacity of foam in total.



    ESPUMA® Sealed Edges Heel can be used for the following types of wounds and ulcers with moderate to heavy drainage/exudation rate:

    • Pressure ulcers stage II and superficial stage III.
    • Partial and full thickness diabetic foot ulcers.
    • Venous insufficiency leg ulcers.
    • Partial and full thickness arterial ulcers.
    • Partial thickness burns and abrasions.
    • Open surgical wounds.
    • Skin tears.


    • Do not use with oxidizing agents as hypochlorite solutions or hydrogen peroxide solutions as this can breakdown the absorbent hydro cellular component of the dressing.
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