Espuma Lipo Comfort

Espuma Lipo Comfort


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    ESPUMA® Lipo Comfort: in which ESPUMA® Lipo is placed as an island pad on a breathable, waterproof, bacteria proof and virus proof polyurethane adhesive border to allow fixation without secondary dressing or fixation tape.

    ESPUMA® Lipo: absorbent non-adherent wound dressings composed of gelling non-adherent Lipo-colloid wound contact layer, comprising polyester mesh impregnated with superabsorbent powder, soft paraffin and cohesion polymers.

    The Lipo-colloid wound contact layer is laminated to highly absorbent polyurethane foam layer.

    How does it work?
    1. Paraffinic components have non polar fatty nature, so they do not adhere with the polar protenaceous exudates.
    2. Hydrocolloid particles absorb exudates and turn to gel which provides optimum moist environment that enhances wound healing. Furthermore, it aids non adherence  due to synergestic action between gel and paraffinic components.
    3. The polyester net allows the passage of exudates to be absorbed by the absorbent layer, so excess exudates do not have time to dry at the wound bed.
    • Healing in moist environment:

    Hydrocolloid particles gel upon absorption of wound exudates, creating moist environment in favour of wound healing.

    • Painless and atraumatic removal:

    Due to its fatty, yet non-greasy, nature, together with the gel formation property upon exudates contact, Lipo-colloid dressings’s removal is painless and atraumatic for the wound.

    • Absorbent:

    Being laminated to PU foam absorbent layer enables the dressing to manage different level of exudates.

    • Instant absorption:

    Exudates easily pass to absorbent layer through lipo-colloid mesh openings.

    • Exudates retained even under pressure:

    The pad can keep the absorbed exudates even under compression; this prevents maceration and retains a humid surface environment to facilitate wound healing.

    • Highly conformable:

    The dressing is very soft and conformable, so it conforms to wound contours.

    • Promote fast healing by stimulating fibroblasts proliferation.

    ESPUMA® Lipo Comfort used as a primary dressing for chronic wounds (leg ulcers, pressure ulcers…) and acute wounds (burns, skin abrasions, traumatic wounds…).

    1. Don’t use in case of sensitivity to any of the product ingredients.
    2. The product is sterile, don’t use if the pouch is damaged.
    3. The product is non-occlusive, so it could be used over infected wounds under medical supervision, and the dressing must be changed daily.
    4. The product must be stored flat, protected from heat, moisture and direct light.
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