ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus

ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus


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    ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus, is made of soft, thick and elastic polyurethane foam, placed as an island pad on a hydrocolloid layer, which is laminated with a semipermeable, bacteria proof, virus proof and water proof polyurethane film, Moreover, the foam central pad is laminated with polyethylene net containing silver as non adherent wound contact layer.

    The silver net acts as antimicrobial barrier which prevents colonization on the dressing, thus it increases wear time and provides a prophylactic effect against infection especially in case of wounds at high risk of infection.

    The hydrocolloid adhesive border, allow easy application without need for secondary dressing or fixation bandage.

    Features & Benefits
    • Polyurethane foam island pad: a soft, open cell hydrophilic and elastic, which provides a cushioning effect, absorbs and retains excess exudates, also maintaining a warm moist healing environment within the wound.
    • Hydrocolloid layer: High absorption capacity for binding away excess exudates prolonging dressing change intervals, hydrocolloid extends to act as a border adhesive film to allow application without need for secondary dressing or fixation bandage, also allow better conformability with the skin surrounding the wound.
    • Polyurethane film hydrocolloid backing film: semi-permeable, bacteria proof, virus proof and waterproof polyurethane film, permeable to water vapour, but impermeable to microorganisms thus forming an effective bacterial barrier.
    • The silver net: prevents colonization of bacteria over the dressing, so it increases the wear time and decreases frequency of changing the dressing. It provides both hygienic and economic benefits.

    ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus designed to create an optimal wound environment which supports the wound healing, indicated for treatment of moderate to heavily exuding wounds such:

    • Pressure ulcers stage II and superficial stage III. • Skin tears.
    • Partial and full thickness diabetic foot ulcers. • Venous insufficiency leg ulcers.
    • Partial and full thickness arterial ulcers. • Open surgical wounds.
    • Partial thickness burns and abrasions.

    ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus, also offers extra prophylactic effect against infection in case of wounds at high risk of infection.

    • ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus should not be applied to wounds covered with dry scab or hard black necrotic tissue until this has been removed surgically.
    • ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus should not be used in wounds that extended to reach bones or muscles.
    • Don’t use in case of sensitivity to any of the product ingredients.
    • In case of ESPUMA® Ag Adhesive Plus, experience is limited with newly born, infants and during pregnancy.
    Layer Diagram

    1. Release linear
    2. PE silver net
    3. Polyurethane Foam
    4. Hydrocolloid (0.6mm or 0.3mm)
    5. Polyurethane film
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