Cure-Aid Nose Plaster

Cure-Aid Nose Plaster



  • Description

    Cure-Aid Nose Plaster is an adhesive bandage embedded with plastic splint that assists in keep the airway open when applied over the nose bridges and both nostrils’ sides.


    • Flexible plastic splint which offers continuous pressure keeping the nostrils open. This effectively widens the nasal passage and allows for improved air flow.
    • Strong adhesive helps bandage to attach firmly to the skin providing reverse force to the plastic splint.


    – Reduce or eliminate the snoring.

    – Temporary relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness.

    – Help to breathe better during the night.

    – Facilitate the breathing during athletic exertion.


    Don’t use in case of sensitivity to any of the product ingredients.

    • Wipe the nose so as to get rid of any dirts or fats which will affect the adhesion.
    • Peel off the wrapper.
    • Remove the first silicon flap and stick to nose side.
    • Remove the second silicon flaps and stick the plaster to the other side of the nose.
    • By hand ensure that plaster is firmly adhered to the nose.