Cure-Aid Dressing Strip Silver

Cure-Aid Dressing Strip Silver


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    Cure-Aid® Dressing Strip Silver is a wound dressing with antimicrobial absorbent pad.

    Cure-Aid® Dressing Strip Silver can be made of different backing materials like polyethylene film, polyurethane film, rigid fabric, elastic fabric, elastic nonwoven, rigid nonwoven, PE foam, printed PE film with children designs.

     The pad is a bilaminate construction, made of absorbent nonwoven, laminated with HDPE silver colour net. The nonwoven layer contains silver, in form of silver sodium zirconium phosphate.

    Mechanism of action of silver

    The silver ions of silver pad are non-migratory. When silver pad was tested for zone of Inhibition, there were no inhibitions of growth around the sample but only under the sample. This means that silver ions do not leach from the pad and act only at the pad surface when they come in contact with microorganisms.

    1. Antimicrobial, highly absorbent, low adherent pad.
    2. Barrier to prevent colonization on the dressing.
    3. Prophylaxis against infection especially for wounds at high risk of infection.
    4. Biocompatible and complying to ISO 10993.
    5. Very hypoallergenic adhesive.
    6. Detectable blue plasters produced using metallic wound pad.
    7. Polyethylene wash proof plasters are microperforated.

    • Covering skin scratches and minor cuts.

    • There are no absolute contraindications for using this product range.
    • Do not use for individuals with known sensitivity to any of the dressing components.
    • Due to the presence of antimicrobial silver ions, the experience with neonates / small babies is limited.
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