AbsoClear® I.V. Dressing

AbsoClear® I.V. Dressing



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    AbsoClear® catheter Securement provide advanced I.V. and central line catheter securement, designed to maintain securement by preventing edge lift, flexing with patient movement and managing moisture.Innovative adhesives balance securement and gentle removal; easy to apply and remove.

    Intended Use
    • Cannula and Catheters fixation and maintain aseptic environment.

    Don’t use on patient with known sensitivity to the product or any of its components.

    1. Any active bleeding at the insertion site should be stabilized before applying the dressing.
    2. Do not stretch the dressing during application. Mechanical skin trauma may result if the dressing is applied with tension.
    3. The skin should be dry and free of detergent residue to prevent skin irritation and to ensure good adhesion.
    4. Antimicrobial ointments containing polyethylene glycols may compromise the strength of the cover dressing film.
    5. Use care and cover the port dressing to protect from water when showering.
  • Instructions for use

    1. Open the pouch using aseptic technique.
    2. Remove the central window with the two fixation strips, if present.
    3. Peel off the fixation strips to secure the wings of the catheter.
    4. Peel off the large flap of the release liner.
    5. Center the gel pad of the dressing over the insertion site and press gently, do not stretch the dressing during application as tension can cause skin trauma.
    6. Remove the small flap of the release liner, if present.
    7. Smooth down the dressing from the center toward the edges.
    8. Slowly peel off the paper frame, while smoothing down the dressing edges with your fingertips.


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