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    AbsoClear®is water clear hydrogel sheet dressing, made of ionic polymer and glycerol, laminated with bacteria proof, virus proof and waterproof polyurethane film as outer layer.

    Being ionic means that AbsoClear®is as absorbent as alginate and foam wound dressings due to its high osmotic effect.

    In addition, AbsoClear®high glycerol content mitigates inflammation and relieves pain. Glycerol also has slow but effective antimicrobial activity.



    1. Superabsorbent Gel:

    AbsoClear®can absorb wound exudates up to 14 times its original weight as same as alginate and foam wound dressings. This results in longer wear time and reducing risk of maceration.

    2. Antimicrobial Gel:

    Invitro tests showed that AbsoClear®has bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect against a broad range of microorganisms.

    3. Sticky Gel:

    Unlike water-based hydrogels, AbsoClear®adheres once applied, so it might not need fixation tape or secondary fixation dressing and allows easy application.

    4. Wound environment:

    a) AbsoClear®creates moist wound environment upon absorption which is important in promoting the wound healing. It also allows easy removal without pain or trauma during the dressing change.

    b) Absoclear provides cooling effect and instant relief of burn sensation.

    5. Reduce inflammation and relief pain in chronic wounds:

    Due to the high glycerol content, AbsoClear®mitigates inflammation reaction. Consequently, the inflammation associated pain is relieved. The pain relief improves the patient quality of life.

    6. Clear:

    AbsoClear®allows easy monitoring of the wound healing process without removal of the dressing. Accordingly, it is more cost effective than opaque dressings.

    7. Debridement:

    AbsoClear®creates moist wound environment which helps breakdown of necrotic tissues and slough, where they are lifted off the wound due to the osmotic nature of the gel.

    In addition, this osmotic nature helps to draw fluid from underlying tissue to the wound bed.



    AbsoClear®is indicated for the following:

    • Partial and full thickness dermal ulcers including pressure ulcers, superficial wounds, abrasions, superficial partial thickness burns.
    • Clean, closed approximated surgical incisions or laparoscopic incisions.


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