All Wound Dressing

All Wound Dressing


  • Description

    All Wound Dressing consists of three layers, unique perforated hydrogel layer which is water clear hydrogel, backed with soft, thick,highly absorbent polyurethane foam, laminated with breathable, bacteria, viral and waterproof polyurethane top film.


    1. Perforated hydrogel layer can absorb wound exudates, these results in longer wear time and reducing risk of maceration.
    2. Perforated hydrogel layer, allow free passage of wound exudate to the foam so prevents skin maceration.
    3. High Absorption Capacity, so increases wearing time.
    4. Highly absorptive foam, bacteria proof and virus proof outermost layer.
    5. Highly breathable dressing allows gaseous changes which is ideal for wound healing.
    6. Provides an extra cushion that aids patient comfort and protection to the wound.rida.


    All Wound Dressing is ideal for moderately to highly exuding wounds that is granulating or wounds that have areas of slough or necrosis including:

    • Chronic wounds
    • Pressure Ulcers.
    • Post-operative surgical wounds.
    • Superficial and partial thickness burns.
    • Skin donor sites
    • Diabetic Ulcers
    • Cavity Wounds
    • Abrasions


    1. Full thickness burns
    2. Do not use All Wound Dressing with oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite solutions or hydrogen peroxide, as these can break down the absorbent polyurethane component of the dressing.
    3. All Wound Dressing should not be used on patients with a known sensitivity to this dressing or one of its components.


    All Wound Dressing can be used to manage infected wounds under the medical supervision of healthcare professional.


    Layer diagram

    1. Release Liner.
    2. Perforated Hydrogel Layer.
    3. Polyurethane Foam.
    4. Polyurethane Film.

  • 1- Clean and dry the wound thoroughly.

    2- Remove the release liner from wound contact layer.

    3- A dressing should be selected that overlaps the wound margin by at least two centimeters. If required All Wound Dressing may be cut to size or shape before removal of the protective film. Once in position the dressing may be held in place with a bandage or other suitable fixation tape.

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    Pharmaplast Products’ Effectiveness in Wound Healing in Public hospital in Greece