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  • How To Use

    1. Apply cast padding e.g. Pharma-Undercast® over the entire area to be immobilized. Do not apply plaster bandage directly to the skin.
    2. Hold bandage loosely at a slight angle and submerge vertically into clean room temperature water (22°C-25°C) for 3 – 4 seconds
    3. Squeeze bandage to remove excess water. Note: Change the water between each application of bandages as this will interfere with The correct wetting-out
    4. Apply the bandage to the pre-padded extremity by using a spiral motion, overlapping each turn 1/3 to 1/2 the width of the bandage,while gently rubbing each layer into the previous layer to form a solid, well laminated cast.
    5. Mold and position as indicated by the physician.
    6. Use a standard oscillating cast saw with a sharp blade for removal.

    Duration of use:

    Few days to a long period depending on indication.

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