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    “Sterile Wound Filler Hydrogel with Alginate”

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    • Rinse the wound with physiological saline or tap water.
    • To optimise the use of Cavidagel®, apply according to the diagrams shown below.
    • Gently dry the skin around the wound.
    • The wound should not be filled to a higher level than the surrounding skin.
    • Cover with a secondary dressing. For low to medium exuding wounds, choose a hydrocolloid as a secondary dressing e.g. Pharmacoll Comfort or Pharmacoll Comfort Plus. For medium to highly exuding wounds, choose a highly absorbent and highly permeable dressing to cover e.g. Espuma Comfort or Espuma Comfort Plus. For slightly or non-exuding wounds, Cavidagel® could be covered with film dressing e.g. Protectfilm.
    • To optimise cleansing of necrotic and sloughy wounds, it is recommended to change Cavidagel® at least every 3rd day, due to the larger amount of exudate. In case of clean wounds, Cavidagel® should be changed depending on the amount of exudate.
    • The gel can be removed from the wound by rinsing with physiological saline or tap water.
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    Clinical Study Cavidagel – Espuma Gentle – Pharmatull Plus






    Case Study – Malaysian Hospitals – Cavidagel – Cavidagel Ag and Espuma Exulock